Science and Communication Workshop

Science and Communication Workshop

15th – 16th February 2017, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ghana


Excellent science communication skills are imperative for the professional growth of researchers and for socio-economic development. This burden rests heavily on researchers. Therefore, from an idea to a concrete research activity, and from its implementation to its dissemination, key underlining communication skills are essential to attract and engage the right blend of stakeholders including donors, other researchers, government and industry.

This 2-day science communication workshop organized by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Ghana (AIMS Ghana) is geared towards preparing researchers to excel in an increasingly competitive world. The workshop is designed for science students, lecturers, scientific researchers, aspiring scientific researchers and research administrators. Topics will include:

  1. Designing internationally competitive research proposals
  2. Funding for research projects
  3. Effective communication of research findings to relevant audiences

The event will be highly interactive and participatory. Knowledge/skills acquired after the workshop will include:

  1. An understanding of your role within the research innovation value chain
  2. How to transform an idea into an outstanding research proposal
  3. Types of funding for research projects and how to respond to them
  4. How to present your research results to an academic and non-academic audience
  5. How to develop attractive cover letters and CVs
  6. Importance of research collaboration and your role

Pre- and Post-Workshop Activities

  1. When applying for the workshop, you are invited to submit personal projects which can be discussed during the event. Projects could include:
    • Your research idea or research proposal
    • A call for research applications which you wish to respond to
    • A PowerPoint or poster presentation
    • A cover letter, CV, etc.
  2. Once Selected you will be required to complete a Pre-Workshop Assessment form for us to further understand your concerns and expectations
  3. After the workshop, you will be required to take part in an evaluation to assist us in designing future SCIENCE COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPS.